Modern Paw Furniture


we start from scratch

Each one of our pieces in meticulously hand made in Texas.  We pride ourselves in starting with raw lumber and transforming it into a beautiful crafted piece of art.

Note: The following images depict use of power tools.  All safety rules and guidelines provided by the tool manufacture should be followed.  These images represent the manufacture of our products and are no way meant to be instructional information.  The use of gloves around certain power tools are prohibited by the manufacture.


premium wood

Each piece of furniture begins it's journey into your home from a specialty lumber yard.  Ken hand picks out each board, which vary in width, length, and color.  The lumber is S2S, meaning that it has two flat faces, but the edges are left rough.  Each piece varies in thickness, and must be planned to the desired thickness. A jointer along with a rip saw are utilized to get the desired width.  By using rough cut lumber, each piece of furniture is unique.  

getting started

After the wood has been purchased, it spends several weeks idol in the workshop getting acclimated to its new environment.  Ken then selects several boards that have similar color and grain pattern. These boards are cut to approximate length, allowing for snipe, jointed and planned.   During this process the wood is milled out to the desired width and thickness.


Cut to size

Careful attention is payed to color and grain pattern in the wood. For instance, each side panel for the bed is matched so that it looks consistent on each side.  Each individual piece is cut to the exact length for the project.  

Final layout

Danielle approves the color and grain selection on the pieces.  They are then sanded down 3 time; using a finer grit each time.  This removes any tool marks, smooths down surface, and prepares the wood for staining.